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Binni Ong has more than 15 years of experience in providing trading education to both institutional and retail clients. She trains and trades in a wide array of instruments, including equities, forex, commodities, derivatives, and cryptos. Binni has a Master of Business. With her strong training in quantitative and statistical skills, she has taken a deep interest in quantitative trading methods. In the area of trading, she has developed many mathematical-based systems and specialises in projective ratio analysis and price action techniques.

Ms. Ong has been invited to speak by BNP Paribas, Lim & Tan, CIMB Securities, Phillip Futures, OCBC Securities, Singapore Exchange and other financial institutions and brokerages. She is also regularly interviewed by business media such as Lianhe Zaobao and other Chinese dailies on her insights into equities and market conditions. She is also invited to give seminars and lessons overseas, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong etc. 

She is currently an SGX Academy Trainer with her own Institute of Banking and Finance Funded Trading Course.


Your client support. I’m up in the mountains away from Singapore. You can reach me easily via telegram or whatsapp


I’m watching the market and deploying robots for our team. Can’t do without my mac and my kopi (I drink Robusta from coffeshop only). I work end of every 4-hr


Love to work anywhere when I code the indicators for onlineforexmaster. I code most of the indicators and EAs in the team while surfing in the beach of Thailand. 

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