2015 Market Outlook Seminar organised by Phillip Futures, sponsored by CME Group and SGX | Chief Trainer Binni Ong sitting far right

Picture: 2015 Market Outlook Seminar organised by Phillip Futures, sponsored by CME Group and SGX; Chief Trainer Binni Ong sitting far right.

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Gold's price action in 3 time frames and 2 strategies forward

"Now that price is in the middle and first waves of buyers and sellers were both destroyed, why now? The best way to make money is to trade with the trend. This means that the higher time frame year-year and month-month is at this point dominant and unbroken."""More


2 ways to optimize, speed up MetaTrader MT4 performance

"What is better than a full-time job that pays well? Why a job that pays well but still gives one the freedom to do the best things in life of course." ""More


Multi-screen trading computers: my own 8-screen setup

"This kind of setup is most used by gamers. Some traders may be more budget conscious but those who want power performance may want to look something that I have: a desktop armed with 2 Geforce graphic cards used for gaming. It gives me maximum graphic performance and connections for 8 monitors."""More


Interview with Rimantas Petrauskas, trader and EA expert

"I do not suggest auto trading myself, unless it is built using proven trading rules that you trust. I have been involved into auto trading for long enough to know that in the long run it will not make profit."""More


STI component stocks: winners and losers at end 3Q 2014

"Straits Times Index gains 3.70%. 17 stocks gain, 13 lost as Olam Intl and Genting Singapore retain their top and bottom positions since 1H."""More


Price of physical gold and gold savings account in Singapore

"Comparison of prices for physical gold (on 12 November 2014) and gold savings account (paper gold) available at Singapore bank and pawnshop."""More

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